i have made these so to monitor how badly VM network is getting (or better, that's wishing) and some BT ADSL that are static IP where i can (no one i have met yet has an static IP based FTTC connection yet)

VM ip addresses are semi static in meaning that as long as the MAC address does not change {new router or new superhub or the modem has not been turned off for more then 5 days}

if you copy the MAC address down and put it on the new router {Clone MAC option} you get your Old ip back as long as you do it within 24hrs (you may still lose your old IP thought)

I be adding and removing monitors on an ongoing bases, as i get them or the IP changes probably remove them


Virgin media cable in the UK uses DOCSIS based Coax system (you have FTTC to Coax then from there it goes to the Street cabs then to the houses where its available), as VM norm run Lots of streets of one cab the upstream can get way over congested, this is Why ping Jitter is so bad with cable or even Worse packet loss when to many users are uploading [ p2p.....] (does not seem to be any QOS on the VM FTTC nodes to limit the upstream, they need more upstream channels in the FTTC cab) so you end up with high ping or packet loss, you got to think of Virgin media network is like Wifi with 4 channels (upstream) and 110 channels (downstream) if to many users upload to much data at the same time it just brakes down

ADSL is Phone line based you have main phone exchange that goes down to an DP box that has Loads of lines on it then down to each house (norm Pole or under ground on newer houses), Ping with ADSL is norm Flat for Min/Avg/max (unless your downloading/uploading then ping will change) as each phone line is directly connected to the exchange, only issue with ADSL is distance the farer away you are form the exchange the worse the speed gets (does not normal affect Latency much thought) ADSL norm has no packet loss due to QOS at the Exchange end of the phone line (packet grantee over speed, so normally no packet loss but speed will be lowered to keep packet loss at 0%)

BT FTTC in the UK is based on the currant phone system but they place the FTTC node at the DP box that's norm less then 200-500m from peoples houses so users norm get from 10-80mb speeds depending on how far away you are form the cab, BT FTTC is norm very good for Latency and also lacks the issues that Virgin media have as each DP box is only serving less then 50-100 at an time (there are bigger ones) and it works the same as ADSL line each person has there own dedicated link to the FTTC cab via the phone line (no shareing like VM cable) and the QOS Works normally (packet grantee over speed, so normally no packet loss)


there are More monitors here http://qasdfdsaq.com/ping/ that are not listed below, he has some BT FCCT monitors as well (and they are for the most part Perfect of what an connection should be)

If you see any Monitors that have Nothing in them (no blue, yellow or green in them) it is an BQM Bug that happens some times that it shows no information but i find it randomly happens to 1-2 of them from time to time norm starts working again after 10-30mins

baseline (ping is norm 1-3ms)

My Broadband Ping - baseline (iax gradwell) 

these are all on the same street (same cab/node, only the speed profile is different) the number one monitor is me

My Broadband Ping - 1 a me vm 100mb My Broadband Ping - 2 bn vm 60mb My Broadband Ping - 3 c vm 10mb

some streets away but quite close (different virgin Cab)

My Broadband Ping - 5 L vm 20mb  

other VMs (they are refusing to fix the upstream issue on z11his internet is unusable, so he mite be on an BT provider soon even thought he only get 1-2mb bb on it)

My Broadband Ping - z11 butter vm 30mb WA20NL My Broadband Ping - 6 bmw man vm 10mb My Broadband Ping - 11 woolston vm 20mb My Broadband Ping - 12 vm 10mb 7 cress My Broadband Ping - 8 legh My Broadband Ping - 24 gig 30 VM My Broadband Ping - 25 norton 30mb VM WA7 2PR

below seems to be an issue with the VM router with pings (high pings constantly from BQM, when the router is restarted it drops back to normal) the pings done from the computer do not Match what's below when you see an sea of yello (example doing the pings from the 2 systems are the normal 20-30ms as to be expected)

 My Broadband Ping - 20 den vm 100mb WA14PBMy Broadband Ping - z10 p vm 20mb

  17 > they turn the router off at night (seems to follow the same paten every day) the router is plugged into an eco power strip so it turns every thing off when pc is off, that's why there is 100% loss from time to time here (e.g its Not an VM problem as the user is turning off the modem and router)

My Broadband Ping - 17 samule vm10mb WA51BB 


 none 21cn ADSL1 supanet  not sure what's with the funky max Latency router maybe and packet loss around 4pm to midnight every day,( i think its the router as it does not seem to affect the connection at all), and "7 nc" work connection (p2p i am guessing is running :) ), 7 NC is working perfectly fine, just the line is 1mb so to be expected when 4-5 pcs are using online only web apps (not really any packet loss apart from when the modem reboots or loss of sync)

My Broadband Ping - 14 pink 7mb ADSL supanet My Broadband Ping - 7 nc bt 1mb